Medical Intuition
Kathy Daniel
What is Medical Intuition?
It is the ability to see the energy of your Auras, Chakras, Meridians and Physical Body!

Can you feel a desire deep within to live a different life? Are you looking for the formula to make your life work for you? Does your health and vitality allow you to lead the life you desire? Do you want to experience something different in life but nothing is changing?

There are solutions to these issues and they lie in the Energy Field that surrounds and permeates your body. The Human Energy Field has several layers of interconnecting energy fields which determine your health, thoughts, emotions and automatic reactions to situations.

These layers are: Auras, Chakras, The Basic Grid and Meridians.

Being able to see, feel and understand these energy fields gives a person a substantial advantage in life.   You quickly learn that the quality of your Energy Field determines your health, thoughts, behaviours and the circumstances you attract into your life.

The key to having the health and life you want is changing your Energy Field so that it is at the vibration of how you desire to think, speak and act!

Have you ever had the instance where you did something and vowed, "I'll never do that again (smoke, drink or eat too much, get angry, jealous, envious, fall in love with an inappropriate person)", yet next time a similar circumstance occurs you automatically repeat the same pattern?

Did you feel like a puppet with a cruel, sabotaging puppet master?

Do you feel like you are reacting automatically to situations and not in control and able to choose consciously how you would like to react? Do you feel guilty or ashamed that you react this way and yet powerless to make the changes within so next time your react spontaneously as you desire?

The puppet master is the old beliefs and programs stored in your Energy Field. These programs come from your past experiences and experiences of your family and what you thought or believed about these experiences. These beliefs and programs were appropriate at the time of the first experience but now, they no longer serve your needs.

When any similar situation to the original experience occurs, the old program is triggered and causes you to REACT to the situation, not respond in a manner you would choose! These old programs hold you back from succeeding in life and sabotage your health and vitality.

Operating in a world where you cannot see the framework or energy (your Energy Field) that creates your life is like playing high risk poker without knowing the rules. No wonder there is so much anxiety, fear and despair experienced by people.

The key to having a successful healthy enjoyable life is being able to perceive and transform these programs in your Energy Field. Transforming your Energy Field raises the vibration of your old programs until they match the energy of what you choose to experience in YOUR LIFE!

Kathy utilises her abilities to see and understand your Energy Field and relays this information to You. Once you know what your Energy Field holds maybe you will want to recreate YOUR LIFE and ENERGY FIELD.

Kathy works via Medical Intuition readings, Energy Field Transformation consultations, seminars and webinars to increase awareness and empowerment of all who are interested.

Medical Intuition Readings: give you information about what your energy field holds and how that is creating your current life.

Energy Field Transformation Consultations: during these Kathy progressively and systematically facilitates the transformation of your Energy Field to the vibration of the life you desire.

Seminars/Webinars: Kathy teaches you knowledge and skills to perceive and transform your Energy Field, so you can create the life YOU want.

Empowered with skills to See and Transform your Own Energy Field your life is your own making.


Intuition, Energy Field Transformation and Energetic Medicine are the Ultimate Empowerment Tools for all!
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